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Thursday, August 12, 2010

yaaa,its all my fault

"My Besties Even Ask Me TO BREAKUP With You As A Birthday Present "
-you want to gambling this relation for birthday present??
-u just knew ur frinds dor what month? and i? u dare to gambling with it?

"You Had Been My World This Past 6 Month But If It Keep Going On Like This Its Never Gonna Be The Best Relationship.."
-its my fault? do u ever coorporated with me this lately? where had u been when im waiting for u?
 in a day,u do send not more than 10 msg to me..u keep on blaming me.but zero effort
 to settle down this problem.and keep on blaming me,u crying,sad and i ever
 asking u to cry? sad? numb?.i know its hurting,what is my faults to compare with u?
 do i slap ur face? even u do something i hate damn much? u having a *** when u're
 still in relation with me.going to clubbing without telling me.and blaaaaaa3.. but,do i ever thinks to breakup  with u? NEVER! hmmm..jangan fikir diri you je,fikir la if you ade kat tempat i.
 ape yang i dah lalui,bersabar dengan you for 6,u're being too busy for me..
 dont have time for me.. i know,i'm not ur perfect guys anymore.i'm not a HERO to protect you..
 i'm let go a TONS of money just to celebrate our anniversary at melaka..but,do u remember anniversary
 that days? no! sends a msg to DERING-aku lupa anniversary kitorang la-
 I'm writing on the sand until my finger getting blood and imk crying.but what you do?stand still right?

 IF u really want to break up with me,u want to let got this relation.i'm not stopping you,like i said
 if u happy,i'm happy to.if in this situation,happy but hurt. yaaa,keep on saying im giving u
 "fake paradise for future" do u ever thinks my feelings? im trying to give the best for you
 but you being sorry for being bad to u

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