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Friday, October 29, 2010

my life story

this few month.suffer,happy,enjoy,numb,hurts,
to me,its okay,life mehhhh..
past things just let go
"let by gone be by gone"
the most important things next days.
nest weeks,next year,next future,nest life.
hmmm,nest month,two things,operation,
go to qatar.. thats all..

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sweet love words for you

There are words that shows feelings,
Some words express different thoughts,
Some words transform us all,
They touch the deep of our soul,
There are magic words:sweet one,
Simple one but Powerful,
Some words have ambrosia flavor,
some one:roses smells and colour,
There are words:finally:
That bring us hope and peace.

Amongs all words,however,my choice goes.
To those that mix innocence,
With a lot of passions and desire,
The sweetest,that i very much like,
The words i more eagerly enjoy,

The ones that come from your lips,
My love.........


Sometimes u just feels everythings,
and nothings all at once,
Sometimes u'll find your self,
Smiling while missing something
at same times,
Life comes without guarantees,
Except that smiling will brighten
your face,Laughing will enhance
your eyes,and falling in loves
will changes your life forever,
But,u take you take the risk,
For loving me..
Wish you were here,
Holding my hands,
Wish you were here,
Wissing my lips,
Wish you were here,
Doing all that we did

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

for you

designing it just for you

u have to find this books

THIS BOOKS,telling about love.
find it,u'll know why i love you.
because,its exactly as me.
how can i be patient with you
how can i care about you
how do i handle my feelings
nad so many how.

at last new post

its takes
three seconds
to say i love you
its takes
three hours to
explain it

its takes
a life time
to prove it