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Thursday, August 26, 2010

OMG! i love this!


ur cute? no

ur handsome? maybe

ur rich? duhh

ur noty? eeuuwww

ur smart? errrmmmm

ur tough? naaahhhh

The Answer Is Cause

You LOVE Me As Myself And Appreciate All The Things I've Done For You.

You Always2 Say That I'm The Most Beautiful Girl You Ever Meet

And You Will Always Love To See My Eyes

You Love The Way I Act Around You Even I Am Acting Stupid And Sometimes Annoying

You Love The Way I Touch You And Hold You Tight

Most Of All You Just Love Me Cause I LOVE YOU TOO
=from nurshyima babe,thanks babe..
Why do i need you,and i love you?
It is the great question.
Because my love is only for you
And it's eternal,full of passion.
I love you
And i do love you!

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