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Saturday, August 14, 2010

alhamdulillah to god

now,i can smile with my money already being a base to be a mountain,
i means success.fasting month brings thousand secret and good things.
i had a succes and problem to be a MILLIONAIRE.
this guys is my new siblings=

*Sifu Aziz
*Bro Bad

I had 534 new richest siblings that always supporting me,i didnt remember their name
The guys up there is my new and nearest richest siblings,abun is same with me.Abun and i,going to be
rich as my other siblings,on my eyes,theres already a platform to be success.
i will show to my family,friends,HER and HER family.
im gonna blow in two more years,i've been insulted,humiliated.
but,to me it is"rempah ratus kejayaan".to be useful n succesful person
that is was a journey.RELAX,RELAX.almost in my hands.TATITU

My siblings always supporting me,couraging
her? never kot.CHAK!

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