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Sunday, November 14, 2010

hari yang ???

today is my second time pergi Johor+Baharu=JB

hari ku bermula pada jam 10.15 am
sebab kene checkout.
peuuuhhh! loteh den
then pergi bukit jalil beli ticket bus\
semuanya rm62 hengget..
dalam bas macam2 jadi.kan3 sayang?
then ade la orang seberang nie
melepaskan heat,bau die-MARVELLOUS
then aku pun terbangun,in 10 minit
orang sebela aku bangun.terus die gedixxx2
n capai air REDBULLEH.hebat x??
then ade la aktiviti kurang bermoral kitorang buat.
hahahahha..lain kali aku sambung.jari da penat.
shyima.ketiak kaw wangi..........haha

Saturday, November 6, 2010

for you

brings my heart out

I want to hold your hands & walk a mile
Dont want to miss you even a WHILE
My life is so beautiful because
Dear,its you.My life

Hug me for my worries to die
My tears to dry and
and my loneliness to fly

It hurts me to know
How i sometimes can be little selfish
when it comes to you

Im getting sentimentel over you
For god sake,explain me why all these,

1.i miss you every moment of a day
2.i keep me awake just to listen you
3.i keep me empty just for you to fill
4.i keep me alife just to see you

My morning miss you
My evening seek you
even a seconds are too long too miss you

Your tiny smile fills me with joys.
Your little hands i hold and adore
Your chubby cheeks i love to kiss
when you laugh i fill with happiness

with all of my heart

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

one more

budak pempuan nie.aku cinta die.
malas nak cakap banyak.
jom kawin baby.hehehe
will you bernikah dengan me?

Monday, November 1, 2010


Ni la die,superwomen aku.nampak cara die?
hahahaha,aku sayang die sangat2.
die da bnyak kali jadi penyelamat
ketika aku hampir digigit nyamuk
kesudahannya,aku yang die gigit.
hahahaha,super kan?
nama die,queen shyima buncit.
i miss her vitamin P.

i wanna do this

I wanna do this to you

Then this

Sweet isnt it? hehehe,theres more.then

Excitng thing together,after some period.were
having this

A baby,wow.great imagination...
and then we'll be going to

Honeymoon lah..ahaks.its gonna be fun!
and we will be happy until

I love you so much..
the old SHYIMA FADH..

for my wife

Your beauty is like a sunset on an ocean shore.
You're everything I want and much more.
Your eyes twinkle like a star in the midnight sky.
Your presence make me feels like  I'm flying high.
Your scent is like sweetest rose.
Your beauty runs from your head to your toes.
Your beauty takes my breath away.
Your voices is soo sweet no matter what you say.
Your beautiful faces glistens n shines.
Your beauty makes me wish that you were MINE!
                                                                   You, I LOVE YOU
Be with you