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Saturday, November 6, 2010

brings my heart out

I want to hold your hands & walk a mile
Dont want to miss you even a WHILE
My life is so beautiful because
Dear,its you.My life

Hug me for my worries to die
My tears to dry and
and my loneliness to fly

It hurts me to know
How i sometimes can be little selfish
when it comes to you

Im getting sentimentel over you
For god sake,explain me why all these,

1.i miss you every moment of a day
2.i keep me awake just to listen you
3.i keep me empty just for you to fill
4.i keep me alife just to see you

My morning miss you
My evening seek you
even a seconds are too long too miss you

Your tiny smile fills me with joys.
Your little hands i hold and adore
Your chubby cheeks i love to kiss
when you laugh i fill with happiness

with all of my heart

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