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Sunday, August 15, 2010

surat yang x terkesampaian

07.07.2010-5 month anni

i dont care who dislike us , i dont care all the bad rumours about u and me , i really dont care .

because i know tht u also do the same thing . what i want is to be a strong guy , right by your side . when we had a fight , it was the most painfull thing . when i turn my face away , u slowly pull my face turn so u cn see my eyes .

when i looked at your eyes , my heart goes weak . when i started to close my eyes i can even saw your face tht i really afraid to lose . bb , even how bad my mouth speak , my heart is always fit only for you.

u know i believe tht we were meant to be sayangg . iloveyou .


since today is our 5 months anniversary , so i would like to dedicate something for my beloved hubby whom i love with all heart . this is some random reason why i am so totally devoted to you baby :)


yes my girlfriend is a gurl with quite a high ego ! haha . kidding ! but ego die tak tahan lama pon . kena gedik ngade ngade sikit dia lupa la ego dia tu . hehe . and he is a very stubborn person ! but i like it . seriously . kadang2 we fight of something stupid and defending ourself sebab masing2 degil and nak betul je memanjang . but the way she acted and his confidence level is one of the reason why i loveher so much.

HER 'compliments'

haha . my girlfriend jarang puji i . seriously memang jarang ! but i tak kisah pon . i ni pon pantang kena puji . kan baby kan ? but she always tease me with his 'compliment' ! haha . its not actually a real compliment but some kind of advice from him . tapi cara die cakap macam perli and puji at the same time . camne eh nak explain ? :0 paham paham sendiri la okay.

how even if you don't want to talk about it , you end up telling me anyways .

you are completely faithful if there is an award for the most faithful on earth , i will definitely give the award to her ! she is a very honest and very loyal gurl-sometimes.. i think i could not find someone that is better than her . i swear she is the best girlfriend i ever had. he is just so perfect :) he is my everything till death !

you are the most beautiful gurl i have ever met !


my girlfriend just can't get enough of food ! hehe . one of his hobby is eating ? kan ? :) i suka tengok die makan depan i . sebab gila berselera . kadang kadang by looking at her eating pon i dah boleh kenyang. haha . and i suka bile die makan nasi pakai tangan . lain dari orang lain. OOH ! rindunya nak makan dengan awak sayang ! 


i like to laugh ! so do her. and his laugh is very gorgeous. cair tau i bila baby gelak . haha . raksagiga ! and his smile manis :) my baby have two version of laughing. satu ikhlas satu lagi gelak tak ikhlas . its just so funny bile dengar die gelak tak ikhlas . seriously ! but i really hate it if die gelak macam tu dengan i . benci benci ! haha . but my mom said he really has a nice smile . i love you bb .

how even if we're apart , you always do what you can to protect me , your baby


my baby usually called me bie or sayang ! but most of the time . sweet kan ? hehe . but if macam tengah concentrate borak on one thing , we usually used i and you or i and u je ! but sometimes , bila dia tibe tibe panggil i bie , i rasa macam sejuk je hati , senang je hati dengar. haha . best gila ! you have a very sweet tooth darling :)

out of all the guys in this world that could be so much better , you still chose me.


this is the part of i like the most when i am with her . it means when her in KL ! through handphone tak boleh nak bermanja betul betul . haha . gedik gila bunyi ? tak kisah lah. kami nak kahwin dah pon . haha . i miss the cuddling moment with you my love ! dalam handphone pon best jugak manja manja but tak real . hehe . datang nanti promise we will do all fun things together okay ? nak manja puas puas ! :)

she is always there for me ! everyday everynight everytime :) how can i wish for more than that ? he has given me everything i need . he sacrificed for me a lot ! in terms of time and energy . i really can count on him whenever and wherever . i love you forever my mr.perfect.


my girlfriend and i are very close . like really really close ! we share every single thing together . none secret between us . seriously nothing . kalau ade memang siap la dia . hahaa . we tell each other every thing that we both should know . i know her perfectly and very detail ! tak pecaya ? ask me anything about him i can answer it directly . it seems like i have known you forever ! i can tell you absolutely everything.

you are everything i have ever wanted in a gurl. i love every single thing about you. you are perfect !

the list is endless what ever it is , i love her still no matter what ! i swear ! forever and eternity

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