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Friday, November 4, 2011

my career

This is my new career.hahahaha

This is my ambition and this is my life...

 This one masa still student

ni masa bell air aviation,this is my graduation day.license..

this is my job.the FLYING TAXI.hahaha

Its starting with a "minat" hahaahha.hard effort and my family have to sacrifice many thing just to make sure that i achieve my goals that is being a"pilot"
thanks to my mom,puan noreha for being a great supporter for me..
because of you and of course, i achieved to be a PILOT man..
hahahaha..i need to take many step just to be a PILOT,sad,happy,worried any many things stuck in my head when im still a aviation student.thanks to petronas for gived me schoolarship
and thanks to all lahhh...

Lama sangat dah tak  update blog ni haa.sebab lupa pasword.last,ingat sebenarnya.hahahha
now,akan mula mengupdate profile saya ini.hahaha...rajin..and kepada yang menjadi followers
selamat menyambut hari raya aidil adha....
itu sahaja.harus lah LOVE<3

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