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Thursday, December 2, 2010

something about my heart

hmmm,i dont know what happens to me.sometimes i hurt people around me and even my own self.heyyadamn! The truth is,i love you so much,more then u can imagine.i try to understand u from all side.but,i dont know wether i can do it or not.theres a will,theres a way.sounds like easy.but hard actually.but i'll do it for u.i hate when i'm hurting you.
my life horrible,my past freaking.i try my best for you nurshyima.not hurting you.not scolding you and all the stuff that can make u mad and anger.
i'm a guy that full with EGO and easily predict someone.
but now,u can do what ever you want or wish to.i wont stop u.
but i still care about u okay sayang.dah la.i wish there will be a FAIRYGODMOTHER that can fulfill my wish,and my wish is.i want nurshyima be happy and be my wife.thats all

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